Alpha [Deprecated]

zkEVM Code Contribution

You're interested in Scroll's open source vision. Now what?
Scroll Alpha Testnet is now deprecated.
Please visit our new documentation for the Scroll Sepolia Testnet at
zkEVM development requires a solid understanding of Halo2, the API/proof system our circuits uses. In order to get the most value contributing to this repo, please visit our research sections.


Learn Rust

For developers who want to write ZK circuits in Halo2, you need to learn Rust. The Rust book is a great introductory read.

Build your Own Circuit

Once you've learned Rust, try to get your hands dirty by developing your first halo2 circuit! Here are a few resources we recommend:

Get Started in our Repos

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    First take a look at our specs, auditing videos, and zkevm docs, it’s very important that you understand at a high-level how the ZK-EVM architecture and all of its components work.
  2. 2.
    Read our contributors guide. These highlight important development practices that enables contributors to contribute efficiently and effectively.
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    Get started with a list of basic "first good issues"! These are meant as introductory issues for external contributors.