Alpha [Deprecated]


Our Open Source Repos
Scroll Alpha Testnet is now deprecated.
Please visit our new documentation for the Scroll Sepolia Testnet at
Scroll’s Github mainly consists of a few major public repositories open for contributions:
This is the main repo for implementing the zkEVM.
See this introduction or the zkEVM docs for more details.
Defines specifications of circuits in the zkEVM. This writeup clearly defines what will be implemented, and it also provides a python-equivalent implementation for debugging and testing before actual implementation.
This is a fork of Ethereum's client to run as a Layer 2 sequencer.
A single React app written in TypeScript to accommodate for all official Scroll frontend functionality. This includes the homepage, dev portal, bridge frontend and rollup explorer frontend.

Which repo to Contribute to?

Checkout each repo's file to learn more about making contributions.
For zkEVM circuits, contributions are mostly sent to the PSE zkevm-circuits repo first, as Scroll inherits all commits into its fork. All updates to scroll-tech/zkevm-circuits should be upstreamed to PSE’s zkevm-circuits. If you have a feature that is Scroll-specific, please contact a maintainer in our discord.